Welcome to the DMS Music Industry Training website.

With 22 years experience in delivering vocational music programs for the Ballarat Cluster of Secondary Schools, David Santamaria has a wealth of knowledge that teachers and students can access to improve the outcomes for the end of year study scores.

In these 22 years, David has focused predominantly on delivering the Sound Production stream, but has also been a classroom music teacher for over 35 years.  He has organised All-ages music events for most of this time, recently commencing the new section in conjunction with South Street called “Mi Sound” to provide opportunities for students preparing for their end of year performance exam to practice their program, and for the Sound Production students the opportunity to get real-live experience in a work environment outside the school productions.

In 2009, David teamed up with Kye Thomas to create Australia’s most effective RTO for auspicing VET Music in schools programs – The College of Sound & Music Production (COSAMP) and it is through COSAMP that schools will receive most support for their programs.

This website is initially set up to provide information and support for students preparing for the VCE VET Music Performance exam.  If you would like information about auspicing and access to a wealth of resources including student activities, an online interactive textbook and assessment tools, please contact Kye on the COSAMP hotline on 03 9592 4801 or visit the website at https://www.cosamp.com.au

Otherwise, use the links in this website for just the VCE VET Music Performance exam support.

Want to see an example of what is on the introductory video?  Click Here for the demo.