Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound

Mi Sound was developed by DMS Systems Music industry Training in conjunction with the Royal South Street Society in 2016 as a platform for students undertaking the VET in VCE Music Performance Exam. Unlike most other eisteddfods, performers at Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound are able to present their full program and Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound allocates a 20 minute timeframe for each performance (not just 1 or 2 pieces).

With support from our sponsors Showcase Cinemas, DMS Music Industry Training and H-Squared Studios,  Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound aims to provide an opportunity for music students to also perform in an online environment – so important for those engaged in the music industry today.

Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound 2020 is being held from Wednesday September 2 – Friday September 4 in the Shearer Hall. Ballarat Trades Hall,  24 Camp St, Ballarat. This timeslot gives students the opportunity to fine-tune their VET Music exam performance in a real industry setting. There are 2 sessions each day:

Session 1 Session 2
Wednesday 2/9 1.00pm – 4.20pm 4.40pm – 8.20pm
Thursday 3/9 1.00pm – 4.20pm 4.40pm – 8.20pm
Friday 4/9 1.00pm – 4.20pm 4.40pm – 8.20pm

Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound 2020 has a well respected industry professional in Chelsea Donoghue, providing a rich review of each performance according to the 10 Exam Criteria.

The performances are videoed by Rex Hardware & Graduates of the Cert II Music Industry Sound Production Ballarat Cluster class. The performance will be live streamed & recorded which will be provided to all performers as a YouTube link in the week following Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound.

Year 2 students
Get as much support as you can for your VCE VET Music Performance Exam by performing at Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound. Entries open in the “Stardom” website in March, but you can indicate you intention to perform by completing this “INTENTION TO PERFORM AT MI SOUND” webform. We’ll help you complete all the registration requirements when the time comes.

NB. We can only accommodate 10 audience members including teachers & support staff.

Consequently, Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound will be provided as a live stream for all family and friends through our YouTube channel.

Trades Hall location in Ballarat

Entry into Trades Hall

View the video of how to enter Trades Hall and the facilities in the Shearer Hall

MI Sound COVID-19 Protocols

The following Protocols are in place to ensure the safety of performers and crew:

  • Entry & exit to the venue will be via the front door of Trades Hall in Camp St.
    Alternatively, if there is another group arriving for the next session, that group will be held in the ‘waiting area’ foyer of Shearer’s Hall while the ‘performing group’ exits using the door at the rear of the stage and follows the path back to Camp St.
  • Only students from the one school/performance group will be allowed in Ballarat Trades Hall “Shearer’s Hall” per session. Consequently, some sessions may only be 1 hour long while others may be 3 hours. There will be a break of 40 minutes for cleaning of the space before the next school group is allowed access to ‘Shearer’s Hall”.
  • All those entering Shearer’s Hall will have their temperature checked. Those indicating a temperature of 37.2 degrees or higher will be asked to isolate away from everyone in the building.  A space will be made available for this.
  • MI Sound crew and staff will be wearing face masks while working on stage with the performers as they get ready for the performance or to adjust equipment during the performance.
  • Performers and supporting staff from the school or accompanying the performance group will be required to wear face masks for the duration of the MI Sound session.  These people must provide their own face masks.  Hand sanitiser will be available to use at the entry to Shearer’s Hall.
  • Performers can perform without face masks.
  • All vocal microphones will have a foam sock over the microphone grill which will be changed with a new sock after each performance.  Instrument microphones won’t be covered.
    All microphone grills will be sanitised in between each MI Sound session.