Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound

Mi Sound was developed by DMS Systems Music industry Training and COSAMP in conjunction with the Royal South Street Society in 2016 as a platform for students undertaking the VET in VCE Music Performance Exam. Unlike most other eisteddfods, performers at Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound are able to present their full program and Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound allocates a 20 minute timeframe for each performance (not just 1 or 2 pieces).

With support from our sponsors (Showcase Cinemas, and The Hop temple) Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound aims to provide an opportunity for industry representatives to be present during a number of sessions. It is envisaged that performances that demonstrate a high level of industry awareness and have a show ready to perform in a public or corporate environment may have an opportunity to perform within a relevant follow-up industry event.

Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound 2019 is being held Wednesday September 11 – Friday September 13 at the Hop Temple,  in Armstrong St, Ballarat. This timeslot gives students the opportunity to fine-tune their VET Music exam performance in a real industry setting. There are 2 sessions each day:

10.30am – 3pm
4.30pm – 8.30pm

Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound 2019 has a well respected industry professional in Robert B Dillon of RBD Productions & Dreamboogie, providing a rich review of each performance.

The performances and reviews are videoed by Rex Hardware & provided to all performers as a YouTube link in the week following Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound.

Year 2 students
Get as much support as you can for your VCE VET Music Performance Exam by performing at Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound. Entries open in the “Stardom” website in March, but you can indicate you intention to perform by completing this “INTENTION TO PERFORM AT MI SOUND” webform. We’ll help you complete all the registration requirements when the time comes.

Year 1 students.
Showbiz Cinemas Mi Sound is a rewarding experience for all those undertaking the 1st year of the Certificate III in Music Industry, or in the 1st year of your VET in VCE Music Performance program. It gives you the opportunity to see what others are doing for their program, which may inspire you as you plan your program for the 2nd year. So REGISTER AS AN AUDIENCE MEMBER  & we’ll look forward to you being at the Hop temple during September.

Program 2019

Wednesday September 11

11am: Sophie Veitch (Braemar College)
11.30am: Oscar Lenaine‑Smith (Braemar College)
12.00pm: Mia Platt (Braemar College)
12.30pm: Blake Dickens (Braemar College)
1.10pm:  Zak Paul (Braemar College)
1.50pm: Emily Rush (Braemar College)
2.30pm: Benjamin Langenberg (Braemar College)
3.10pm: Jasper Leach (Braemar College)
3.50pm: Mannix (Braemar College)
4.10 – 5.15: Break & reset stage
5.15pm: Declan Mobbs (Ballarat Grammar)
4.55pm: Francis (Ballarat Grammar)
6.20pm: Pip Storer (Ballarat Grammar)
6.40pm: Abbey Miller (Ballarat Grammar)
7.00pm: Tillee Huff (Ballarat Grammar)
7.15pm: Madi Holland (Ballarat Grammar)
7.45pm: Pip Metcalfe (Ballarat Grammar)
8.15pm: Mackie Otto (Ballarat Grammar)

Thursday September 12

11.10am: Subtitles (Caroline Chisholm Catholic College)
12.30pm: Jason Nguyen (Caroline Chisholm Catholic College)
1.10pm: Dayfly (Caroline Chisholm Catholic College)
1.50pm: Wilson Nguyen (Caroline Chisholm Catholic College)
2.30pm: Seven of Hearts (Caroline Chisholm Catholic College)
2.50 – 4.10: Break & reset stage
4pm: Sophie Dunn (Bacchus Marsh Grammar)
4.50pm: The Lauren Walmsley Trio (Bacchus Marsh Grammar)
5.30pm: The Yeaty Beats (Bacchus Marsh Grammar)

Friday September 13

11am: Feet (Ballarat & Clarendon College)
11.40am: Electricity (Ballarat & Clarendon College)
12.20pm: Shania Donovan (St John’s Regional College)
1pm: Daryl Pita & Mark Ghosh (St John’s Regional College)
1.40pm: Asena Masho (St John’s Regional College)
2.20pm: Musicals Band (St John’s Regional College)
3pm: Orange 42 (Salesian College)