This page shares links with various PD sessions I have attended.  Feel welcome to listen to the podcasts or view the PDFs.

Daytime Conference, Adelaide

A day of Technology in Music Education

On Friday Feb 28, 2020 I attended Daytime, Adelaide where I learnt about many things to enhance my teaching of music. Particularly interesting were the following sessions I attended:

Below is my presentation. It runs for 32 minutes.  I hope you find it interesting.  I’m off to join Francesca’s songwriting club and write a few songs through the year!


VDC 2018 Teaching and Learning Conference

Considerations for contextualisation

Writing assessments requires much thought and planning. In this podcast & presentation notes Sarah Phillips takes us through a specific project in Veterinary Nursing which she uses to review the considerations for contextualising assessments.

Innovating with remote teams

I work with an RTO which specialises in auspicing VET Music programs in schools across Australia.  There are over 250 programs running in any one year with 200 teachers spread across the country.  Keeping in touch with all teachers/trainers is a logistical conundrum.  The RTO has developed great processes for maintaining contact with these teachers.  Colleen Mandaliati’s presentation confirms many of the processes used by this RTO and there are also a number of ideas that she brings to the table.

High Impact Teaching Strategies

Dr Rich Allen was a creative, engaging presenter.  We didn’t just listen to him, we engaged with his delivery.  In this session we probably learned 2 main aspects for engaging learners:  Firstly, help them to memorise things by creating ‘pegs’ on which to hang relevant memories.  Secondly, remember the 3 P’s when teaching: Partition / Pause / Process.  That is, give students ‘bite sized’ chunks of information;  Pause for them to take it in; then give them time to Process and use the content.

Intersections for Creativity & Innovation

Jason Renshaw provided us with an insight on how to think outside the box, looking at creative ways of coming up with new ideas. He reviewed the work of 3 great inventors and identified how their various skills worked together to provide new ways of knowing; such as Leonardo Da Vinci who was a scientist, artist and anatomist.  he challenged us to look at the various skills of people in our organisations, including all possible types of skills that might not normally be associated with a particular ‘problem’ that might need solving.

Developing interactivities to support students with LLN needs

I don’t have a Podcast of this session, as Rita Chiu basically took us through the possibilities of using content to create interesting and interactive activities to challenge our students.  We can get a full sense of her presentation from her presentation notes.

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