Congratulations to all those who have graduated from the DMS Music Industry Training program in Sound Production.

In 2021 we have started our Alumni Group so we can share with each other our on-going work in the Music Industry and to keep in contact with each other.  As you know, work in this industry is about who you know, as well as what you know or can do!

The Alumni group is open to:

  • those who completed just the Certificate II in Music Industry (the 1st year) and followed other pathways; and
  • those who completed the Certificate III in Music Industry (Sound Production) course (2nd year).

This is the beginning of the Alumni group, so it will be growing as graduates respond to the invitation.  At the moment, the 1st thing to do is to have people join and complete the survey below and join our mailing list.  We can then develop this page to meet the interests of the group.

Below is a short survey in which you can share a little about your post- VET Music Sound Production course experiences and a link to our email subscriber page.

We look forward to be able to post your stories and share experiences of other Graduates who have previously completed the course.

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