Presentation / Workshop

Book a Presentation with/without a workshop with David. The Presentation takes the students through each of the 10 criteria in detail with examples of student performances from various Mi Sound events as students prepare for their VCE VET Music exam.

The workshops provide an opportunity for students to discuss their ideas with David and be referred to the various criteria for students to analyse their plans and be guided in making appropriate decisions to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Below is a little teaser form the series of vodcasts, and can provide a short preview of the material being covered in the presentation


  • Presentation: 60 – 90 minute interactive presentation: $250
    + Travel allocation for schools over 125km from Ballarat
    – 1st 125km no charge, then 30c/km (after 125Km to your school)
    – o/night accommodation @ $120
  • Workshop: students present 2 songs and receive feedback across the 10 criteria:
    – $125 for 1st hour, then pro-rata for subsequent time
    Allow 20 mins per presentation (not every solo/group might give a presentation)

Marking The Calendar

Click on this link
to book your Presentation with / without a workshop.
A DMS MIT representative will contact you to confirm your arrangements.