Presentation / Workshop

Book a Presentation with/without a workshop with David. The Presentation takes the students through each of the 10 criteria in detail with examples of student performances from Mi Sound 2017 as students prepare for their VCE VET Music exam.

The workshops provide an opportunity for students to discuss their ideas with David and be referred to the various criteria for students to analyse their plans and be guided in making appropriate decisions to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Costs: $175 for the 1st hour presentation, then up to a further 2 hours (@$125/hr) to workshop with individual students or groups on their ideas.  The Vodcasts are normally included in the price of the Presentation.  If you have subscribed and previously paid for the VodCasts, you receive the 1st hour of the Workshop (after the Presentation) free.

Following the completion of the form below, a DMS MIT representative will send you an email with a link to book your presentation with/without the workshop.