David can assist you in preparing your students for the VCE VET Music Performance exam.

There are 3 ways which are available:

  1. David can visit your school and give a presentation to your students based on the 10 criteria on which they will be assessed during the exam.  This presentation usually runs for 90 minutes
  2. Following the presentation, students can perform 3 items and be provided with some guidance on how they measure up to the 10 criteria.  Students themselves have the opportunity to use the criteria to review the performances they watch during each presentation.  It’s a great way to have them start thinking critically.
  3. Provide David with a video of 3 musical items for each solo/group.  He will review each performance and provide some written feedback based on the 10 criteria

Any of these sessions provide an opportunity for students to discuss their ideas with David and be referred to the various criteria for students to analyse their plans and be guided in making appropriate decisions to achieve the best possible outcomes.






At your school where students interact with the presenter as we explore each of the 10 criteria


NB. Travel allowance applies (see below) 


Students perform 3 items from their repertoire and receive feedback based on the 10 criteria from the presenter & other students.

$125 for 1st hour, then pro-rata for subsequent time.

NB. Travel allowance may apply if separate to the presentation (see below) 

Video Review

Students/teachers send a link to a video of their performance.  The video needs to have at least 3 items, but no more than 5.

$80/hour pro-rata

Please use the Form below to request a video review

Travel Allowance

If school is under 125Km from Ballarat, no allowance applicable.

over 125km, travel allowance applies.

Over 125 Kms from Ballarat?
30c per Km after ast 125km
$130/night for accommodation

Book a Video Review
You might describe the number of students/groups wanting to provide a video review. Each review would usually include 30 minutes to watch each video & 20 mins to write a review.


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